Module Division

The manufacturing center for production of memory modules has been relocated into Phu Tho province, Vietnam from China in 2019, it has been producing in compliance with a rules and regulations of global clients and relevant local laws by high technologies & practiced laboring resources so far.
The key product is Memory modules for IT server, and for PC desktop as well. They has been being produced over 25 million annually to formulate a system which manufacturing the whole processes from SMT till Test and Packing.
Additionally, the manufacturing center has been being obtained systemized qualifications certified as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by worldwide certificate authorities for production, quality assurance, and also, it has been passed audits of various fields(QA, Management etc.) from multinational IT company client like HP, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and Facebook breakthrough cost competitiveness and strict QA. We has been awarded with ‘the best company’ In 2010, 2011 and 2019 selected honourly as ‘best of best’ and an excellent partner by Samsung Electronics Ltd.
Likewise, Hanyang Digitech Ltd. has been being sustained in associated with world-standard priority and competitiveness for high-reliable productivity & quality assurance for over 25 years and in which quick reflection for clients’ satisfaction

IP Communications Division

The division of IP Communication Biz which provides Korean major tele-com service providers such as KT, SK Broadband, LG Hellovision including cable MSO (D live, CMB etc.) with IP telecom devices required of high-technologies & long-term experiences beyond a legacy system has been keeping on definitely our key business group since company establishment. Our key products for R&D and sales distributions are as follows: mTA which switches PSTN wiring telephone service to a fiber-cable network, multi-port Gateway, wifi routers with 100M bps and Giga bps and mVoIP phone etc. In the area of mVoIP phones, particularly, we’re successfully leading the relevant domestic industry

TEL : +82-70-4012-0017

Bio Division

Biotechnology and information technology are the most promising areas in terms of finding solutions to the largest challenges humanity faces: disease, environment, food, and energy. Countries around the world are researching and developing biotechnology to face these problems.
These bio industries produce various high value-added products based on basic science and applied science. Recent developments in semiconductor processing, electronics, and analytical chemistry led to the development of various products that can better human health with improvements to medical diagnostics and biology. Based on these technologies, the Bio Division is researching and developing analytical equipment and manufacturing medical equipment to improve human health.